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The EAN West regional communication workshop will return fall 2025




Traveling to Berkeley








Laptops and electronic devices

Ambassadors are required to have a laptop for the workshop. Please fully charge your laptop and other devices each night in preparation for the following day.  If you need specific dongles, please bring them.  WIFI will be available.

Dress Code for Weekend

Friday: EA polos or university shirts
Saturday:  Your university gear – casual but think jeans, not PJs
Sunday:  Dress to Impress!  business casual for your presentations

Safety Tips

UC Berkeley provides the following general safety tips since not all students will be accustomed to an urban environment like Berkeley’s

  • Travel with a friend or in a group
  • When you must walk alone, make sure you are alert and aware of surroundings
  • Avoid dark and vacant routes
  • Use well-lit and well-traveled routes
  • Dress in clothes and shoes that won’t hamper movement
  • Avoid wearing headphones and texting while walking so you can hear and see what is around you

Schedule (Tentative)

The workshop will start with check-in and lunch at 11:30am on Friday, September 29 and end at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 1.